Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Ending for Phoenix and Kenya

We fostered Phoenix and Kenya for a short while earlier this year. BRAT rescued them from a puppymill in Tennessee. I drove them up to Virginia where they met their forever family, the Kaplans. I thought you would enjoy their story:


Hi my name is Phoenix.
My playmate Kenya are sooooooo happy in our forever home. I feel like I went to heaven! I was real Skinny when Mom and Dad picked us up in Richmond. 22 lbs and my ribs were showing. Mom and Dad give us real good dinners, treats and lots of fun toys to play with. I'm now 28 lbs of all muscle...not an inch of fat to pinch! Mom and Dad take us on hikes in the woods. I like the small fluffy kind of dogs. They remind me of the fuzzy toy (which i killed in 3 minutes) that mom gave me but even better because they move! Mom and Dad wont let me get too close to the fuzzy dogs ...i cant imagine why! They said something about them not being chew toys.

Another great thing is we get to share the big bed at night with Mom and Dad and watch TV on the couch. We always take the good spots so Mom and Dad try to move us. We reluctantly let them (Kenya gets a bit fresh) but as soon as they get up we steal the good spot again. Its hard to race track because they have these slippery wood floors but we still manage to do the B 500 (although Kenya is a slow poke) The best part is the round rug we use as a wrestling mat. Mom and Dad think it is so funny watching me play with Kenya...of course i always win.

I have a big fenced in yard where I love to chase the cars and people and dogs that go by. Kenya and I love to run around (although she isn't as fast as me so i catch her real quick and she gives up!). Its been real wet and yucky out for a long time so we haven't been motivated to go out which frustrates mom & dad. Kenya gets "fresh" when she doesn't want to do something and we both play deaf and dumb. I heard them say something about "training". I don't know what that means but i hope it is something good! I still get nervous when people come to visit. I'm afraid they will take me or Kenya away. I don't want to move again. Mom and Dad tell me not to worry. They say they love us and that we are there forever kids! I like the sound of that as we are sooooo happy here. Thanks BRAT for finding us a wonderful forever home!

Baroos Forever..
Phoenix and Kenya Kaplan

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