Monday, July 20, 2009

Quantum Part 2

So my Dad read the blog Mom did and pointed out that just because she is getting old that she doesn't have to make me older....I will set the record straight that I am almost 11 not 12, jeeeesh. I am also enclosing a photo of me in some stupid seatbelt thing she wants me to wear in the car, but I hate car-rides and dig on the seat and try to chew this thing so we forgot about that idea. Also 'cause I live in Canada she got me a winter coat and my ridgeback sister a coat too but I rip mine off and I try and rip Mariah's off too, cause I like us both to be naked haha. And she also didn't tell you how I steal peas out of the garden in the summer even though it is fenced ( I have my ways) cause they are in my top 1000 favorite foods. That's it for now as they are going to eat supper and I have mooching to do, BAROOOOO!

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