Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Convention Cuties

I have been a BRAT volunteer for over a year. However, the work I do for BRAT is limited to e-mailing prospective applicants, maintaining a breed awareness table at local dog events, and small fund raisers. In June, BRAT held their annual convention in Syracuse, NY. When I heard that the convention would be within driving distance I decided to pack up all 3 basenjis and the BF and go. The convention included informative seminars that were very useful for those who do rescue work such as working with shelters and dog first aid. It was a VERY valuable experience as we have been thinking of becoming more involved in the hands-on aspects of rescue (e.g., checking shelters, doing home visits, and fostering). The convention also allowed me to connect faces to the names of many of the dedicated volunteers and BRAT board officers.

But my favorite part of the convention (and my 3 basenjis agree) was meeting all the basenjis! My dogs had a blast at the convention and it was a great "bonding" experience for our furry family. Even Happy, my 17 1/2 year old enjoyed hanging out at the hotel and being waited on like a princess!
- Joanne Kalisz "mom" to 3 basenjis Happy Fantastic (BRAT), Calvin Cuddles, and Toni Terrific (Colorado Basenji Rescue)

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