Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Milestone for Miles

 We have been Miles’ people for a bit over a year now. Miles and Tiegan do very well together, and we’re so glad Miles is part of our family. We’ve gotten used to his size, although the discrepancy between our little pony Miles and our tiny Tiegan always causes comments and astonishment when we reveal that he is the eldest by a mere two weeks. Eric says we have a basenji who likes to be picked up, and he weighs 32 pounds. 

 His lovely gait garners compliments on our walks. Miles is a snuggly sweet boy, but there are a few challenges. He loves walks, but does not like getting into his harness. We have “harness treats” that appear only when it’s time for a walk. These are favorites, so he agreeably complies when paid in this currency. Miles gets one treat when we put the harness over his head and another treat when we put his front leg through. Then praise is enough to fasten buckles and get underway. 

We’ve found gentle persuasion works best with our sensitive boy as well as our tiny girl. Riding in a crate is still considered torture, but we try to take Miles to the park as well as to the vet or to get his nails dremeled. We load the crate with a frozen Kong and chewies, and then lavish praise and reassurance during the ride.

Miles is a very dedicated chewer. The dozens of little donut dog beds that once covered our house have been relentlessly destroyed and the fluff has become another decorating medium. Stuffed animals are eviscerated with glee and their fluffy insides are also liberally spread around. Blankets on our bed have holes in the middle, and we’ve learned to carefully guard laundry as priceless textiles in order to have any intact garments.

Miles loves visitors, and wants to climb into their laps when they sit down. One visitor said she thought basenjis were aloof. This while Miles was being persuaded that sitting next to her was really just as good as standing on her, and Tiegan was lying on the back of the couch behind her, sniffing her ear.

Miles races madly around the yard with Tiegan. He jumps over her, swoops around the yard and gets so excited he jumps and spins in the air before he lands. The two of them terrorize squirrels and run from tree to tree with murder in their hearts. 


Miles is such a little goof.  He knows his feet aren’t supposed to be on the counter, so sometimes he stands like a meerkat, stretching his neck to see what’s up there without touching. This is so funny and cute, I usually give him hugs and snuggles because he really is trying to be good.

He knows he needs to sit to get his food dish and he is so sweet sitting at attention, waiting for his dish to be put in front of him. This happens three times a day, and I smile every time because he is so enthusiastic about food.

We feel very fortunate to have Miles, our Sir Sweet & Funny Chewsalot.

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