Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Do Your Homework

    At a recent spaghetti dinner fund raiser for a local all-breed rescue, I was chatting with the rescue group volunteers and told them we have two rescue dogs, not from their rescue, but wonderful dogs nonetheless.  I said, “We’re the fifth home for each of them.”  Without a pause one of the volunteers said, “Basenjis.”  It was a statement, not a question.
   “How did you know?” I asked, quickly checking to see if I was wearing a Basenji shirt. She told me when they have a Basenji in rescue, it keeps coming back to them. I gave her BRAT information and followed up with an email, again providing BRAT information and my contact info.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do research and take time to learn about breed characteristics before adopting a dog. We think our sweet babies are treasures. However, we can see how the uninitiated might not be prepared for life with active basenjis.

We recently visited the vet for Miles’s DHPP titer. I held him  and gave him lots of praise
while he stood on the exam table. Eric stood in front of Miles and fed him tiny morsels of a smelly yummy treat. Miles was so interested in Eric’s treat that he was a very good boy for the blood draw from one of his back legs. Our vet has heard about the chewed sheets, glasses, pens, briefcase handles, lip gloss, remotes, water bottles, socks, dog beds, and countless destuffed toys. While we were discussing general health, she asked if the babies were still destroying things. We told her the blinds had gotten rather too much attention lately, but it was nothing serious. Eric said, “Lowes has more blinds,” which sums up the situation rather nicely. 
Napping after a busy day of world domination
 and destruction.

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