Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cute Dogs Who Eat Frogs

     Although the high casualty rate has lessened considerably with the cooler fall weather, the mortality rate among frogs in our neighborhood was shocking during the summer months. Quite frequently, poor frogs became flattened frog jerky on our streets. Tiegan and Miles thought this was the best. They lunged for the former frogs with enthusiasm one might find among ravenous beasts tucking into their first meal in weeks. It could not possibly be good for my children to eat frog jerky. The good news is that both Tiegan and Miles allow me to thrust my hand in their mouths to grab and fling away the offending amphibians. We stop and wave whenever a car goes by, so I would find myself flinging a flat pliable frog and then straightening up to wave and smile at my neighbors driving past.
     Starving orphan dogs

    This frog inhalation occurred on our morning and evening walks, and Tiegan and Miles never seemed to hold a grudge or be dissuaded from gobbling up the next frog they happened upon. One August morning shortly after school started, a backpack laden young boy met us and remarked how cute our dogs are. We thanked him and minutes later had to stop so I could retrieve a frog from a doggy mouth. “Yes,” we mumbled to each other, “cute dogs who eat frogs.”  Some of the people driving by stop to remark on how pretty/handsome/beautiful Tiegan and Miles are. Miles has a lovely gait and prances down the street and Tiegan is the most delightful little pixie so we are proud parents indeed. We are grateful, however, that no one has stopped while I’m pulling frogs from my dogs’ mouths. 
    And for our next trick....  


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