Friday, July 1, 2016

Tiegan Notes

   The ennui our local squirrels developed over the last few months vanished as smoke in a strong wind the instant Tiegan first flew across the lawn. They were scurrying along the top of the fence, exclaiming “Holy Mother Acorn! What was that?” in panicked astonishment. Thoughts of sauntering across our patio are no longer entertained.
       Tiegan continues her squirrel watch whenever she can. She likes to wait either in her chair or on her rug on the patio, but she patrols her back yard with great speed and purposefulness.
   She has also begun to wait quietly under a tree, watching alertly. I’m not at all certain this is a positive development, especially for the squirrels. I think I’d rather she rush about, inciting panic among the squirrel populace, but not actually catching one. This business of stealth and cunning is sure to end badly.

       Tiegan goes to work with me about once a week. First we walk a few miles early in the morning before it gets too hot, then we go to work. I have a folding crate that the nice folks at Petsmart patiently showed me how to assemble and disassemble. I keep it and a shopping bag full of dog beds and a blanket in my office closet. My office also has a Dutch door which is very handy for Tiegan’s visits.
   When we arrive at the library she has to greet everyone and then I set up Tiegan’s crate by the window behind my desk. She will usually sleep for a few hours. We take short walks now and then, but child labor laws decree that we pack up and take her home when Tiegan’s internal clock tells us her work day is over. I fold up the crate and it goes back into the closet to await Tiegan’s next visit. We live only a few minutes from work so I can take her home, get her settled with her Buster Cube and Kong, and then go back to the library.  

Tiegan is magical, enchanting, and delightful. We feel so lucky to have our amazing, funny, smart, sweet little girl. 

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