Friday, October 2, 2015

Ivan as an only child

   Ivan is doing pretty well as an only child. Eric said he thinks it was hard for Ivan when one of his pack members was sick. Ivan and Dasa had a great dynamic and got along really well.

   However, Ivan has always been the more independent Munchkin and seems to enjoy having us all to himself. In many ways, his routine is the same. 
    He is not an early riser, (thank heavens). He still doesn’t like to get out of bed in the morning, so we take his thyroid pill upstairs on a plate and feed it to him in a small dab of his food. He obligingly takes his pill and then goes back to sleep for another hour until we coax him downstairs for breakfast.
     He’s become (more) bossy. If we are both at home, Eric and I must both go for walks with him. And we take more walks, because Ivan says so.

 Ivan decides when it’s time to call it a day and herds us to the couch in the evening so he can sit between us. He talks a lot and often makes funny little grunts and snuffles of contentment. We gets a lot of commentary, soft purrs and rumbles. He plays with his stuffed animals more now and of course, we play too. Everything he does brings us joy, so we want to make our little guy happy as well. We are so fortunate to have Ivan. 

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