Monday, June 1, 2015

Lucky Leo

Occasionally Brat volunteers get an opportunity to do something extraordinary.  Rescuing and placing a rescued dog from a foreign country in the United States would certainly be something that many would never attempt.  However Lori King, BRaT's Mix Coordinator, isn't an "ordinary" volunteer and was willing to accept the challenge of helping to place a very deserving mix from Oman in a home in the USA.   Please watch for the rest of the story, an epic success, once Leo's adopter has time to send more details about his new life.  Congrats to all involved!
Leo is Home in Washington !!!
Now here is a boy that looks very happy.
He had a fun filled trip with VIP treatment every step of the way.
In the next week or so I will be sure that Leo’s adventure is shared in its entirety to be enjoyed by all.
It was a very busy and exciting few days.
Watch for his story and know that you all made it happen for this sweet boy.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….
Lori King
BRAT Mix Coordinator
Basenji Rescue and Transport Inc.

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