Friday, June 12, 2015

A Dog (Holiday) for all Seasons

Since every day at my house is Take Your Dog to Work Day, I thought I was one cool Basenji Mommy. But then I got a strange sensation every time I checked my day planner. You know, that feeling of a knife right between the shoulder blades. I'd turn round....and yep....I was getting the stink eye from She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

It all started when I overlooked Spoil Your Dog Day. And it's not like I didn't want to celebrate Cook for Your Dog Day, but I had to work overtime, and the best I could do was a scrambled egg from McDonald's the following morning. The nail in my coffin was International Dog Biscuit Day. Do you know what the penalty is for not commemorating International Dog Biscuit Day with two dozen freshly baked biscuits?? That's right: to the dog house! And because I failed to repair the Snoopy roof on Dog House Repair Day, it was more than just an uncomfortable experience.

I never knew there were so many pet holidays!

As more people start to think of their pets as family (a very good thing), we are well past Take Your Dog to Work Day. For starters, it's now a whole week! Plus lots of cousin holidays to go along with it.

To name a few, there's Pet Fire Safety Day, Black Cat Appreciation Day, International Pooper Scooper Week (I kid you not!), Craft for Your Local Shelter Day, and the real biggie: Hairball Awareness Day.

To save the rest of you the embarrassment (and punishment) of singing the dog house blues, here is a wonderful LINK I found for all the major pet holidays. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! You have been warned.

P.S. (just so you should know):  Take Your Dog to Work Day: June 26   &  Take Your Dog to Work Week: June 22 - 26.
"How dare you forget If Pets Had Thumbs Day???"

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