Friday, May 1, 2015

Curl up with a good book and a basenji

   I recently read an article about how books sustain us. How they get us through hard times. How they take us away from difficulties for a few moments, away from stress and fill us with peace, rest, joy, laughter, excitement. How they take us outside ourselves, show us life in new ways, make us see things we might otherwise miss. They make the world seem brighter and more vivid. 
     Ivan and Dasa do these very things. Their presence makes housework and yard work go faster. They make walks entertaining and fun so we always walk longer and enjoy it more when we walk with a basenji. They make us laugh and show us how a dandelion puff or a blowing leaf can be a source of wonder and delight. They stop and watch water bubbling up from cracks in the sidewalk, engrossed by this everyday occurrence that seems new when we see their pleasure and rapt attention.   
   We share their astonishment and happiness when they chase maple seeds that whirl and spiral down from the tree. We smile and forget small annoyances when Ivan—even at age 14—plays with stuffed toys, yodels insistently for dinner, and demands that we all gather on the couch for snuggle time and rest. Our dogs can make a bad day better. They can make it invigorating, exciting, and refreshing or calm, relaxing, and tranquil.

    I recommend curling up with a good book, be it electronic, audio, or hard copy, and for maximum benefit, include a basenji.


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