Friday, April 10, 2015

A visit from the grandparents

Clover Four Leaf has thoroughly enjoyed the company of her G'Paw and G'Maw (aka "Jammie") this week. I am always happily surprised by how much Clover seems to enjoy older people, especially my parents. I believe this is one Basenji who has lived much in a very old soul. Of course, many antics have been tolerated.....grandparents are sneaky and many rules are broken when Jammie and G'Paw are in the house!

Clover & Jammie cuddle time.

These two are clearly hatching a plot!

All three sharing a "time out", after being caught at another of their escapades!

Wait your turn, Mommy! I'm getting love-a-rishied, G'Paw Style!

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