Monday, March 2, 2015

Going the extra mile

The story of  2-year-old Tawny's transport is really a story about BRAT volunteers.  Tawny was originally pulled from an all-breed rescue organization in Baton Rouge, LA.  After a month, she was sent to Lubbock, TX to a foster-to-adopt applicant.  The foster saw Tawny through surgeries for an abscess (and a second abscess surgery) and a knee repair.  But the foster concluded that the fit was not there, so Tawny was placed with a second Kalamazoo, MI.

This is where you know that BRAT is a special organization.  When the coordinator (that's me) found a second adopter in Michigan, a Basenji Underground Railroad (BUR) transport had to be arranged. Unbelievably the 13-leg, two-day trip, which included an overnight in St. Louis and covered six states, was filled on the first day of the transport request. Eleven of the 13 legs were filled in the first three hours.

Saturday, February 21st, started on time and Tawny was on her way, headed at last to her new home.  

The transporter for Legs 6 and 7 called mid-morning to alert the transport team of deteriorating weather in the Joplin to St. Louis region.  The transport had to be stopped...What to do?

No problem. The transporter for Leg 4 from Oklahoma City to Tulsa said she would be happy to keep Tawny until the weather cleared, hopefully to continue the transport the following weekend.  Tawny settled in nicely with her Tulsa pack, and her roommate fell in love with our precious pup.  The transporter for Leg 5 arranged to take Tawny from Tulsa to Joplin the following Tuesday, to join up with the transporter for Legs 6 and 7.  This transporter took Tawny to her home in Mountain Grove, MO, until she was picked up Friday, the 27th by the St. Louis transporter (Leg 8)...who boarded her with him at his mother's home Friday night!

Saturday, Feb. 28, the transport finally went off without a hitch, and Tawny made it to her new home in Kalamazoo, MI, where she promptly claimed the recliner in true basenji fashion.

It may be hard to believe to the casual observer, but Tawny's story is not exceptional.  Every day, BRAT volunteers step up to do what is needed, providing solutions when problems arise, and going the extra mile when the going gets tough (pun intended).  This organization is an all-volunteer group who share a common passion...our four-legged fur babies who melt our hearts and run the show in every home.  BRAT is always looking for more volunteers...for shelter checks, for home visits, for transports, for fostering and even for administrative duties.  If you have not signed up to help, it's easy to get started.  Simply sign up here:  

And for all of you like Brandi, Jordan, Amber, Beth, Sandy, Tonya, Steve, Leah, Ashley, Ann, Sarah and Taci (the volunteers who got Tawny to her home), BRAT thanks you for the time, talent and treasure you contribute every day to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the basenji breed. We could not do it without you.


  1. And then there are volunteers like you, who work tirelessly to bring it all together. Thanks to you, too!