Monday, February 2, 2015

Take your walk FOR a dog

There’s a new smartphone app out called Walk For a Dog, developed by WoofTrax.  And BRAT can benefit every time you walk your dog.  The premise is simple: download the app, register your dog(s), choose your shelter—BRAT is listed under Tennessee—and each time you walk your dog, start the app.  It records your time and distance.  For every mile covered, BRAT will receive a donation.  The amount of the donation depends on the number of people who walk for BRAT.  The more of us that walk, the larger the donation, which right now according to reports ranges from 11 to 25 cents per mile.  While it may not seem like a lot, it can add up.  The payout happens twice a year.

It is simple to get started.  Walk For A Dog supports both iPhone and Android. Download the app  for free at iTunes or the Android Play Store.  Once you launch, it will ask for your name and email address.  Then you will register your dog(s).  I registered both Iggy and Macy.  It asks for some information about them: age and whether they are male, female, neutered male or spayed female.  A confirmation email is sent to your address, and once you confirm, you are good to go.
Just launch the app each time you walk, and it will record time and distance.  It accumulates your time/distance so even if you just walk around the block, it will eventually count toward a full mile.

NOTE: the Start Walking for Basenji Rescue and Transport button starts the timer.  When I was playing around with the various functions, I selected it, and it started timing, even though I wasn't walking!  Just make sure you don’t hit that button until you are ready to walk!  

According to the About button, seven people have already signed up to walk on behalf of BRAT, and have walked 22.2 miles as of January 31.  It is interesting to see how many people and miles are helping BRAT.  Since we all walk our Basenjis, this is as easy to raise money for BRAT as the Shelter Challenge.  Please consider joining our team!

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