Friday, January 2, 2015

Cave Beds for Good Basenjis

Happy New Year!  Our best gift this holiday season, as always, is having our Munchkins with us. We are thrilled our little Dasa is starting the new year with us. Although we hope for many more days together, we are ever mindful of how precious each day is.

Since I believe Ivan and Dasa are always on the nice list, the  Munchkins got early Christmas presents just after Thanksgiving. When the boxes containing the cave beds arrived, I thought there might be a period of adjustment for the Munchkins as they got used to these potentially dangerous new objects. Ivan had no such misgivings. He helped me open the first box, and I had barely moved the cardboard out of the way and put his cave bed under the desk before he eagerly climbed in and snuggled into the depth. Safe to say the cave bed meets Ivan’s approval. He loves his cave bed and makes it clear that we should’ve thought of this a long time ago. It isn’t as though he previously had to sleep on the bare floor, but this is so much better than his stack of regular dog beds and blankets, and now he doesn’t have to climb the stairs to the big beds.  Happy sigh.
Sweet little Dasa was not so easily won over by these big scary things that might well eat her.  At first she thought maybe she could share Ivan’s new bed, that wouldn’t be so scary, but Ivan was having none of it.  She then decided she could sleep in a regular bed next to the cave bed, although she was still a little apprehensive; it might inhale her when she wasn’t looking. Gradually, she became a little braver and eased into the very front of the cave bed.  Now I come home to find both of them ensconced in their cave beds.
May you all stay as warm and content as Ivan and Dasa in their cave beds.

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