Friday, October 3, 2014

More of the Ivan Rules

I’ve spoken before of Ivan’s rules, of which there are many, entwined with stipulations, clauses and provisions as time, mood, and situation dictate. One of these rules, or perhaps a series of several interconnected rules, applies to Dasa’s proximity when Ivan is napping. As is often the case, there is much fine print associated with this directive. Quite simply put, Dasa is not allowed to stroll over and recline next to the puppy boy. It is, however, perfectly acceptable and, by his way of thinking, not at all untoward for Ivan to casually appropriate a good portion of Dasa’s carefully selected site.

On occasion, Ivan oversteps even the elastic bounds of Dasa’s patience and a kerfuffle commences.  If, for example, Dasa is cozily ensconced in a cuddle bed on the couch next to a parent and Ivan leaps on the couch, landing on the cuddle bed, the parent needs lightning swift reflexes to defuse the potentially disastrous situation. In Ivan’s defense, this only seems to happen when he fails to realize Dasa is snuggled in the depth of the cuddle bed, discovering this only when he lands in the occupied spot and the tiny Dasa lump erupts in snarls and teeth. Fortunately, these occurrences are rare.

Both of the Munchkins are skilled at locating excellent sunny spots for naps, but Ivan faces no ethical dilemma in letting Dasa find the spot so he can share in the benefits of her discovery.  He is absolutely convinced in his Ivan world view –i.e. the world is Ivan’s—that this is all for the best. He has even been known to move a cuddle bed nearly on top of her to achieve the desired effect. If it’s a tight squeeze well, he IS sharing, so there should be no problem. Fortunately, my little girl has a very understanding nature when it comes to Ivan and she usually allows him to disturb her rest without fuss.

I believe there is a law of physics which conveys the general message that two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Nonetheless, Ivan’s law decrees there is always room for him, especially if the space to be occupied is sunny.

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