Monday, February 3, 2014

Timing is everything

Jonny (tri) and Samson (red) romp in the Kansas snow.
The smile says it all...I am home!
It happens sometimes.  Placements bounce.  This means that an adopter, for whatever circumstances, must surrender the dog BRAT placed there.  It’s disheartening, but I am always grateful the adopter realizes he cannot provide for the dog and contacts BRAT for re-homing.  Such was the case of Samson, an 18-month-old bundle of puppy love. 

Samson was not hard to place the first time; there were numerous applicants for him.  Everyone wants a puppy.  Working with another state coordinator, we believed we had found the perfect home for Samson and for the adopter.  But circumstances change.  In this case, the adopter’s job situation changed and there was too much travel involved for a puppy to be happy.  The adopter felt guilty crating him so much and he didn’t have a support system of friends who could be trusted to ensure the safety of Samson when he was away.  So he made the selfless decision to return him to BRAT.  The timing was just not right.

Samson was with his adopter for just one month.  A lot can happen in a month.  In that time, the adopter had worked with Samson, and his manners had improved greatly.  He had outgrown his car sickness because of daily car rides to the dog park.  He was an even better “catch” than before. In that same month, Diann’s beloved basenji, Hansel passed away.  Diann’s basenjis, Hansel and Jonny, were a happy pack.  But Hansel got sick and he died.  Everyone was sad, but Jonny didn’t understand at all.  In typical basenji fashion, he acted out.  He soiled in the house; he began escaping.  He didn’t act like Jonny at all, and Diann knew he was mourning the loss of his friend. 

Timing is everything. Jonny needed a new buddy. Samson needed a new home.

I saw Diann’s post on Facebook about her situation, just as Samson was coming back for re-homing.  I thought Samson might be the answer for Jonny.  Diann and I spoke at length.  I sent photos.  Diann also has a 15-year-old son. As a puppy, he would love a 15-year-old to romp with.  Diann had adopted from BRAT before.  She had a current home visit.  All the parts and pieces were falling into place.

This past Friday, Samson moved to his new home in Kansas.  He took the 12-hour drive like a champ.  He was his usual charming self when he arrived.  He and Jonny became fast friends immediately.  This South Louisiana boy did not even mind the snow storm that hit.  The smile on his face in the photos I’ve received let me know…Samson is home.

Timing really is everything.


  1. LOVE...... AND amazing grace. :) Thank YOU!!!
    Diann, Riley, and Jonny and SAMSON. :)