Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rain Daze

The arrival of four days of rain during the first week of February in the middle of a record drought was welcomed by everyone but...guess who?  To say basenjis don't like to get wet is about as newsworthy as saying they have four legs and a curled tail.

Neither of mine like the rain, but Shaka has always been more tolerant of it. He is never one to turn down a long walk, even if he may get a little damp.  Audrey, however, will back in her leash at the open door if she even sees the hint of a moist sidewalk.  

So when the first rain came, I was rather surprised that both went out readily and without protest.  Could it be that after nine months of nary anything more than a few sprinkles that they had forgotten what that wet stuff was?

By the second day, I was surprised that Audrey was still ready and roaring to head out the door, but suddenly Shaka was adopting her behaviors, running and hiding under the bed, 

Rain coats are certainly a help, but it does not make the protests go away.  

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  1. Oh, the poor babies. That aggrieved expression says it all.