Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Decorating

Years ago when all we had was greyhounds, our Christmas tree had beautiful ornaments on it.  Some would spin, some would sparkle, all would be pretty.  We had shimmery garland on the tree that shone like diamonds when the lights were lit.  In those days we had a little magnetic skating rink, you’ve seen them.  The people of the town would skate around in circles and figure 8s and the little trees would dot the bank around the pond.  In those days we wrapped gifts and carefully put them under the tree where they would stay undisturbed for the week or so before being unwrapped.  We had a precious little nativity scene complete with the barn and straw which my mother-in-law had carefully made and placed the baby, the wise men, the kings, the sheep, and especially the straw.

Well, guess what?  We still have greyhounds but have added 3 basenjis to the mix.  No ornaments, only silk poinsettias.  No garland.  No skating rink as all the towns people lost their arms and magnets and the trees where destroyed by some natural disaster known as hurricane basenji.  And certainly no nicely wrapped packages under the tree until we are only minutes from ripping the paper off ourselves.  The nativity scene was just too full of tasty straw to be left alone so it is carefully packed and safely stored in the attic until we move into a house where we can place it up very very high.

So Christmas decorating has changed but because we love our little furry family we are very much ok with the changes.

Judy Murray


  1. I knew where that was going, Judy!

    It's a good trade. Yes, the decorations were lovely, but they didn't make you laugh like the basenjis do. :)

    I was lucky. The only thing Ruby ever disturbed was one little crocheted angel; she always removed it from the tree and hid it in her crate.

    Merry Christmas!