Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cammie's Corner revolves to River's Run

It is with mixed emotions that I post this blog.  It has been quite awhile since there has been a post under the pen name of Cammie's Corner. Cammie was diagnosed with renal failure in late 2011.  After a lengthy year of many vet visits, Cammie was assisted across the rainbow bridge on April 17, 2013.


Needless to say the first few days were quite difficult - no one to walk, no one to feed, no hearing of the paws prancing across the floor.  Thus, the search for another Basenji ensued.  Since there were no BRATs in the Southern Ohio area, we started searching shelters.  A basenji was found in a rescue organization in Detroit, Michigan.  I reached out to my known BRAT contact in Michigan via Facebook - Suzanne.  The rescue organization would not adopt outside of an hour radius of Detroit.  However............... Suzanne tells me about a foster Basenji she has had about a week.  After much discussion between Suzanne, Beth, and my husband, we officially adopted River 3 days later and picked him up on April 27th. 

River's ride home

Hence, the change from Cammie's Corner to River's Run. 

Now, for the fun part..... adjusting to a new forever home.  River came with lots of paperwork.  In reading through all of the paperwork, it was discovered River somehow had quite a run through BRAT.  He was brought into BRAT as a 6 month old puppy in his home state of Missouri.  He then proceeded to live in Virginia and Illinois.  In doing all the counting in his 6 yrs, we were his 6th family and his 3rd forever home.

Hence, River's Run through the adjustment period began once again.  River is hoping we will be able to share his adjustment over the coming months on the blog in order to help others understand how to address the challenges of adjusting to a forever home.  So until next time...please welcome River to the blog.


  1. Please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved Cammie.

    And welcome River. I hope you've at last found your forever home.

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your Cammie. River will not replace her in your heart. However, he will fit nicely in your heart beside her.