Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Fabulous Foster!

 I am still fostering Mr. Roscoe.  He is such a wonderful little guy!  I have vacillated back and forth about keeping him, but 4 dogs is just too much and it isn't fair to him as he deserves to be smothered with love and hugs and kisses. 

So... If you are in or near Vermont and want an active, curious, intelligent, little basenji boy, he may be the dog for you!  Click on the link to read all about him: http://basenjirescue.org/DOGS/VT/VT-Rosco.asp 

I am Roscoe!  I love to run and chase squirrels and be active!

I also look to my human for guidance about right and wrong.  My foster mom says I am quite obedient... for a basenji!  Sheesh!

I may be small, but I am strong.  Just look at my muscles!


  1. What a beauty! And he sounds much like my girl in temperament. Sadly we're not in a position to give him a home, but what a wonderful, wonderful doggie.

  2. I know this is an older post, but did yiu ever find a forever home for Roscoe?