Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marking Year Two

September 4 marked the two year anniversary of my official adoption of Audrey and Shaka after fostering them for four months. I've not been regular about doing my monthly blogs on the, mainly because life has been busy and there is nothing dramatic in their lives to report which is good news.

As reported in the past, Audrey's coat has had its challenges throughout the past two years with hot spots and gaps but after a heavy shedding month in August, it is at about 98% perfect.  I'm not sure if it is them being basenjis or the odd weather patterns of northern California that lead to rather unusual shedding patterns.  We typically have a cool and foggy July and August followed by a heat blast and lots of sun in September that can continued into November.  That is all good news for basenjis, and it means plenty of relaxed sunning naps as they follow the sun patterns throughout the house.


  1. They look very content. I'm so glad they found a happy home with you.