Saturday, August 17, 2013

Of Course It's a Dog Bed

I have occasional lower back problems, which are exacerbated if I stand in one place for too long. I recently made the mistake of standing for an extended period, and my back protested with alacrity. My chiropractor suggested I get a body pillow to help with this latest annoying habit my back has developed—being stiff and sore every morning. The body pillow looks like a giant U. It is fairly comfortable when I’m settled in it for a bit of reading, but when I try to sleep wrapped in this over-sized member of the alphabet, I get all tangled in it and am forced to wrestle this thing every time I try to turn over, shift sides, or otherwise move. This is not conducive for a sound night’s sleep for me, Eric, or either of the Munchkins. It only results in fitful sleep punctuated with dreams of boa constrictors.

Daily stretching helps much more than pillow scrimmages so I opted to put the monster pillow on the futon bed in my office for Two Small Dogs, who were delighted. They are very  happy with their new adjustable bed. I obligingly arrange it in jumbo figure eights or elongated Qs, and they climb in, circle the prescribed number of times, and sigh contentedly. Ivan and Dasa think this has all worked out beautifully. They knew from the very beginning this pillow was meant for them, and couldn’t imagine why it took me so long to catch on.

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