Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet Roscoe!

Meet Roscoe!  I began fostering him about 3 weeks ago for BRAT.  Things have gone much better than I expected considering this is my first foster dog.  He is a GREAT dog and gets along with my other two basenjis.  Wonderful personality!  He is an intelligent, confident, loving, energetic, and mischievous little guy!  Roscoe IS a typical basenji… he is mischievous and is destructive when he doesn’t get enough attention.  And he has lots and lots of energy and loves his walkies!  

Toni, Calvin, and Roscoe

Only problem with this little foster is that I am totally falling for him.  I have a much deeper respect for all of you who foster dogs.  I knew it would be lot of work, but I did not anticipate building such a fast emotional bond with the foster dog to then send him to his "forever home".  Right now I am waiting and seeing how the next few weeks unfold with Roscoe and I have a lot of thinking to do... because this little guy has stolen my heart!

Calvin and Roscoe


  1. He's very cute, and he seems to fit in so well :-)
    Of course, you shouldn't ask us. We're marshmallows who could never give up fosters.

  2. I think we build such strong attachments to fosters because they need us so much from us and need to feel attached to a human. Whether or not you keep him, know that you made as much of an impact on his heart as he did on yours.