Monday, June 3, 2013

Convention from Basenjis' Viewpoint

We humans spend months planning the BRAT convention attempting to present programs that are interesting and educational for the stationmasters and adopters.  All attendees spend much of two days sitting in meeting rooms set up seminar style soaking up as much information as possible.  At our sides or sharing our chairs our basenjis wait for the meeting to be over so they can have some "real fun". 

This year Rick has planned events to get the basenjis out and moving.  Lure coursing and agility will be set up at a safely fenced park.  For those looking for activities requiring less energy, there is a fenced courtyard at the hotel where we can sit and visit.  A nearby dog park will be available to those whose basenjis want a place to run and play. Also available are some tours of local wineries where the b's are welcome.

I have to wonder what the basenjis think when surrounded by their own kind and being the stars of the event?  The following is a collection of pictures from past conventions.

 Wow, lots of friends to play with.

Oh, look!  Here come some more!

I am tired mom.  Please rock me to sleep.
How much longer is this person going to talk?

 Um, mom, I need to go outside.
Can I just sit out the next session?


  1. Great post and photos! Wish we could be there but I know you will have a great time! HUGS to you all!!!

  2. I recognize the 'dog park' pictures and the picture of JR Keys from the Convention held in Alexandria VA a few years ago!