Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ADD and OCD Basenjis

Does anybody else have an ADD basenji? I have an ADD one and an OCD one. Seamus likes everything " just so" - all his food on my bed, all his toys in his basket, his usual pee spots, etc. Nina, on the other hand, takes 100 years to eat, if she is interrupted at all. When I take her out, it's a never-ending journey to find "THE spot" to pee...BUT if the wind blows, or a car passes, or a door opens a block away, or a bird flies over head, or a dog barks in the distance....You get the idea. She will stop mid-squat and start searching all over again! And at 5:30am, my patience is thin. I'm usually in my jammies. And if I don't allow her to find HER spot, she WILL go on the rug as soon as I leave the room when we go inside.
~ Mandy Hazen

ADD Nina

OCD Seamus

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  1. Nina sounds a lot like Ruby. How well I remember the search for just THE right spot to receive her precious bodily fluids - usually when I was running late for work, or was otherwise pressed for time! (I was lucky though; she never, ever peed in the house after her 2nd week here as a puppy, until she was quite old and developed bladder cancer.)

    Small price to pay for such beautiful creatures and their endlessly amusing behaviors!