Friday, April 19, 2013


Aren’t little white basenji feet miraculous and elegant?

In a previous blog entry,,  I talked about getting the Munchkins’ nails trimmed. Chris, the wonder groomer, shows up at our house once a month to dremel nails quickly and without angst for any of us.  It’s over in minutes, Ivan and Dasa get treats, and the humans (OK, mostly me) don’t spend the day fretting about making Two Small Dogs unhappy. Chris is a skilled groomer, and dremels as near to the quick as possible without actually causing any toesies to bleed, which is good for everyone.

Both Ivan and Dasa get their nails done every month. Ivan’s nails are short, neat, and look well-groomed. The quick in Dasa’s nails doesn’t seem to recede, so they stay longer, despite getting dremeled at the same time Ivan’s do.  Chris said she has other doggy clients with longer nail quicks that don’t recede in response to grooming. I wonder if other basenjis’ nails do the same thing?

I tried to take photos to illustrate this difference when they were freshly groomed. This did not go according to plan. One might think it’s simple to snap a few quick photos of small white feet, but one would be mistaken. Any undue or excessive focus on a particular body part is viewed with suspicion by the Munchkins They might blithely stand around displaying their feet to perfect advantage, but only until I pull out a camera. Then they decide this emphasis on their feet is unseemly and unacceptable. Dasa allowed me to hold her foot while she was in a cuddle bed, but I had to catch Ivan unawares, which made a fine game and kept him entertained. What other reason could I possibly have for following him nonchalantly—which never fools him, lying in wait at one spot in his circuit through the house, or finally crawling around with the camera in one hand and a treat in the other?  Ivan thought this was fairly decent entertainment on a rainy evening.

Ivan's nails 

Click for Curly Tails

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