Friday, February 1, 2013

Happiness Is a Warm Bed

Beds are high on Ivan and Dasa’s list of favorite things, so we try to provide lots of beds for their comfort and enjoyment. They really like those little donut beds, especially when several are stacked together on the couch or people bed.

We have dog beds on couches, under desks, and on our bed. There’s a futon bed in my office so they can nap in comfort while they’re helping me work. Only people who like Ivan and Dasa and appreciate their many fine qualities are invited to our home, so they realize the sacrifice the munchkins are making when we move their beds to the floor so guests can sit on the couch. Ivan climbs onto the guests, using them as a substitute bed, or burrows into his bed on the floor, sighing dramatically. 
When we scrub the kitchen floor and move Ivan’s bed from under the kitchen desk into the piano room, he lies in his displaced bed and gazes at us with mournful indignation while we clean. I assure him this is just temporary. Occasionally, I mention the beds on the couch, loveseat, and ottoman, and the dog beds nestled into the big beds upstairs. He dismisses this with a toss of his head. He doesn’t want those beds, and although he wasn’t using this one, we moved it, so now he has to have it.  As soon as the floor is dry we restore his stack of beds to its rightful place and he busies himself digging at them and rearranging them just so, because we Ruined his beds when we moved them.

Dasa’s favorite spot is her kitty bed on the big bed that she shares with us. She loves her spot on the big bed. When I change sheets, I have to deposit her on the floor, turn to pull off blankets and sheets, put her back on the floor, pull blankets off the bed, remove her from the bed, pull sheets off the bed, deposit her on the floor.  I have to immediately put clean sheets on the bed and that process is also interrupted by the necessity of removing a small dog multiple times. Each layer means she has to be removed again, because she cannot understand why I would keep her from her bed and why it’s taking me so long to get her bed ready. From time to time during this process, she snuggles in her kitty bed ON THE FLOOR and looks very waiflike.
I hasten to assure the reader that that our tiny girl is not forced to keep her kitty bed on the floor for more than a few minutes. She’s soon ensconced back on the big bed, and all’s right with the world. 


  1. Dog beds are also a necessity in our house (although we don't have quite so many!). The best thing about them is that they encourage the pups to lay down exactly where we would like them - in the back of the car when we travel, or just not right in front of me on the couch so that I can't see the TV when I'm laying down. Or, they make it easy to move a sleeping dog - just scoot the dog bed, dog included, over to the other part of the sofa, or use it like a taco shell to move the dog to the other couch. That last one is of course always met with some snarking, but it gets the job done :-)

  2. Why am I reminded of The Princess and the Pea? ;) Lucky Dasa and Ivan!

    (Peggy, it looks like you're ready for another one or two, or six!)

  3. I am with you-ours have never met a dog bed they didn't like no matter what the size :-)