Monday, January 7, 2013

A Great Start for 2013

On New Year's Day an urgent message was sent to the brat-help list, which was forwarded to me:

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From: "Chris Maxka"
Sent: 01/01/2013 2:07 PM
Subject: BRAT-HELP: Basenji living in a gravel pit
Help! I just got a call from a nice man who says a Basenji is living in a drainage pipe at the sand pit where he works. This is in Southern New Jersey, near the town of West Berlin. The men have been feeding the dog, but it is wary, won't come up to them. I asked a bunch of questions, am pretty sure it's a Basenji (tightly curled tail, 4 white feet, prick ears). They don't know which sex the dog is. How do I go about helping this poor dog? I have baby puppies, and cannot bring it here, but I could go over tomorrow with one of my dogs and see if I can coax it into a crate. I have heard of someone nearby whose rescue Basenji just died, and am going to try to contact that person. But any advice on how to capture the lost dog is welcome, and I'm wondering if any lost Basenjis have been reported in Southern New Jersey?
Chris Maxka
SunDiata Basenjis
my response:
Hi Chris,
Thank you for notifying BRAT about this dog. Here is the link to my friends at Granite State Dog Recovery They specialize in reuniting lost or found dogs with their families and have a list of things to do when you have a found dog. They also do what they can to help dogs outside of NH.
If it's possible, getting pictures of the dog would be extremely helpful. Do you know how long the men have been feeding the dog or if they have made any attempts to locate the dogs owner? If you can get pictures of the dog, I can post them to various basenji venues. The more information we can get and put out there, the better.
One way or another, if the dog can be captured, BRAT can help him.
Roberta Kosek
Eastern Regional Coordinator
Basenji Rescue And Transport
BCOA, Member
I hadn't heard of any missing basenjis, so I turned to my friend Holly, founder of Granite State Dog Recovery, to see if she had. She checked her resources, located a missing basenji in Voorhees, NJ and...

I talked with owner of dog approx 3 miles from their house
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From: Chris Maxka
To: rlkosek2
Sent: Tue, Jan 1, 2013 7:40 pm
Subject: Re: BRAT-HELP: Basenji living in a gravel pit
Ha! I think we got it! The owner (we think), Adam, and I have talked, I gave him the phone number of George, the worker at the sandpit who called me, and Adam is On The Case! I am so excited! The dog has been missing 2 months! Adam had pretty much given up, and he is so happy. I asked Adam to let me know tomorrow, when he goes out there, if it is Max, his dog.
So now we wait to hear if this story has, indeed, the happy outcome we are hoping for. Big smile on my face.
Thanks for everything, I didn't know where to start, but was going to help this doggie out, whatever came.
Chris Maxka
SunDiata Basenjis

From: "" <>
Cc: holly
Sent: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: BRAT-HELP: Basenji living in a gravel pit

PAWESOME! Thanks so much; keep me posted. If help is needed, I'm pretty sure I can round up help in the area. Even though I'm in NH, I know basenji people in NJ.
Pretty incredible how you can reach out, thinking there is little to no hope, and it can quickly turn around to a situation full of hope.
Happy New Year!
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From: "Chris Maxka"
To: "Holly" <>; "Debbi
Sent: 01/02/2013 5:50 PM
Subject: It's him, and he's home!

Thank you all, you are truly guardian angels of little lost Basenjis!
The little Basenji living in the drainage pipe at the sandpit was Max, a
rescue owned by Adam S. Thanks to everyone's quick thinking and quick
work, Adam and I talked last night, and we were both sure this must be his
Max, missing for TWO MONTHS! And thanks to kind animal lover George who
works at the sand pit, who researched breeds until he found a picture of a
Basenji, went to the BCOA website, found me, and called.

Max came right away to Adam, a very very happy boy. Home and warm and
getting lots of love tonight, to be sure.

I am so happy, to have been part of this.

Chris Maxka
SunDiata Basenjis

On Jan 2, 2013, at 9:39 PM, wrote:
It IS amazing the way it all worked out. And George did GOOD!

In a message dated 1/3/2013 5:38:44 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, holly writes:
Talked to the owner last night be is beyond thrilled to get his dog back.

The End :-D