Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Available BRATs: wayward wanderers and friendly old souls

Name: Kenya
State: Indiana
DOB: 12/1/1999
Gender: Male
Color: Red & White
Weight: 19

Kenya is a sweet, gentle Basenji looking for a peaceful home to live out his golden years. He would prefer a human that is home most of the day to cuddle and be with. The laid-back, easy-going life is what suits Kenya best.

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Name: Gypsy
State: North Carolina
DOB: 2003
Gender: Female
Color: Red and white
Weight: 20

Gypsy is a wandering soul looking for a home. She is a petite, sweet and loving girl who is very vibrant for her age. She has adapted well to her foster home which includes a male and female Basenji, a mix, and even a dog-savvy cat.

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Name: Buddy
State: Texas
DOB: 12/1/2003
Gender: Male
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 36

Buddy is a mellow older gentleman who is affectionate, house-trained, walks great on leash, and  laid-back. He is happiest when he can just hang out with you. He is selective about his canine companions, but happy to befriend humans.

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Name: Dara
State: Texas
DOB: 2010
Gender: Female
Color: Black & White
Weight: 20

Dara's name is an acronym for Dropped At Rest Area -- which is how she came into BRAT, after three weeks on the loose. Looking to move past her sad background, this housebroken, non-destructive girl is awaiting a happier future.

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Name: Jake
State: Florida
DOB: 1/1/2009
Gender: Male
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 50

If you ever wished that Basenjis were more like gentle giants, then Jake is your dog. His calm and genuinely affectionate personality will provide plenty for his adopter. He is good-natured and curious, and will need some encouragement and regular exercise to maintain a proper figure, though he will always be larger than average.

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Name: Senji
State: Wisconsin
DOB: 3/2006
Gender: Female
Color: Red & White
Weight: 28

Senji comes when called, walks well on leash, sits when asked, and enjoys playing with other dogs and humans. She takes naturally to cuddling and sleeping with her humans, no formal training necessary.

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These precious Basenjis and some of their other BRAT friends would love to have a home for the holidays. Please consider adopting a Basenji in need!

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