Monday, December 17, 2012

Behold the Prodigy

Like most parents, I’m utterly convinced that my child is a prodigy, and, of course, I am completely unbiased and without prejudice in this certainty.

To be sure, Nailah knows a number of the classics: sit, stay, come, speak, up, go pee-pee, doggie bed-time. And, she even knows some delightfully esoteric stuff, like, “Where’s your squirrel?”

(click photo to enlarge)

ZOOM! Poke-poke-poke. Here it is, Mom! Here’s my squirrel! FILL ITS BUTT WITH DELICIOUS KIBBLE RIGHT NOW!

Ahem. Sorry. A purple squirrel with a butt full of kibble is an exciting event around here.

However, all you other doggie parents, prepare to be green with envy. My Nailah, who is a truly gifted curly-tailed child (although I’m sure your Bowser has a nice personality), is -- wait for it --


YES, musical!

(great art requires great sacrifice)

She plays the doorstop. Whap! Sproing! Whap! Broing!

I expect a call from the London Philharmonic any day now.

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