Friday, December 21, 2012

Basenjis as a Pack

These are three of our four Basenjis. The brown collared B is Gumbo, the orange collar is Angel, and the blue collar is Jaro. Angel and Jaro, brother and sister, have been with us for over a year now as foster/adopted B’s. Gumbo loves them and he will play with them like an adult plays with puppies. He is 5 years old, they are 3 years old now. He has done this play behavior since the two came here. Basenjis are pack animals, and as much as they love having us as part of their pack they can’t see us as running around like another Basenji. So, here is why more Basenjis are better:

1) Basenjis love companionship of others of their kind

(2) Basenjis love to cuddle up together

(3) Basenjis love to play together

(4) Basenjis love to groom each other

(5) Basenjis love to share their own language together-our 4 have a group howl together but I haven’t caught it on film and sound as yet.

Each of our Basenjis has different personalities and preferences. Since Angel and Jaro have been together since birth they pal up together most times, but Gumbo will often be with Jaro or with Angel alone, sleeping or playing or just hanging out.

Not all Basenjis welcome another into the pack, and nor do they always get along perfectly. Our guys do have a disagreement now and again. We do not interfere unless the argument seems to escalate after a short period. Some Basenjis do not get along from the very start and some decide they do not like each other after an escalated fight, females often with other females, males often with other males. We have been so lucky with adding Angel and Jaro to our pack. Our fourth Basenji, Sanji, is now 13 and sleeps much of the time. His health is deteriorating and the other three generally just leave him alone but they all will sleep with him. I think they know he needs their warmth and love.

~Marj Baker

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  1. I miss my pack (we've had as many as seven at once!) but -- oh my! -- do I ever recall the havoc!