Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There is a website dedicated to giving reasons NOT to getting a basenji. The list is valid. However, here is my response, why TO get a basenji:
  1. They are FUN! Never a dull moment. 
  2. They are loving. Once you're loved and owned by a basenji, another dog just never seems adequate.
  3. They are affectionate. Though not "lickers," they stay close and are great cuddlers. You'll never feel alone with a basenji. 
  4. Though they don't bark, you always know where a basenji stands, because they will tell you one way or another. 
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Need I say more?
  6. They'll pick up your trash for you.
  7. They will finish your coffee for you if you can't drink it all :-)
  8. Nothing goes unnoticed in your house. A bug won't stand a chance. 
  9. No worries about about getting dirt in the house. They don't get dirty! 
  10. No wet dog smell- they don't get wet, or smell. But, and this is my personal favorite, for some odd reason their paws sometimes smell like Fritos in the morning! If you don't believe me... sniff, if they will let you. LOL
And finally, here's my final reason to get a basenji... look how cute and handsome he is!!

-Mandy Hazen

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