Friday, September 7, 2012

Ice Cream, Enough Said

Hello. Ivan and I are writing this post because our mom is really busy. At first, I was going to write it by myself because I wrote a post for Mom before, but Ivan felt left out and his feelings are easily hurt, so we’re working on this together.

It was easy to decide what to write about, something really important: ice cream. We love ice cream, and we never get enough. When Mom and Dad eat ice cream, they use tiny little dishes, even smaller than our dinner dishes, which are much, much too small already. They don’t give us much ice cream because they say it probably isn’t good for our temperamental tummies. However, ice cream is wonderful, and we’re sure it would be good for us to eat lots of it, all the time. Mom and Dad give us only little bits. I get to lick dishes, and Ivan gets to lick spoons. Dad eats the really rich 300% butterfat ice cream, and Mom eats the fat free stuff, so Dad’s dish would be better than Mom’s, except Mom always leaves a little more ice cream for us than Dad does. And sometimes, Dad eats dark chocolate ice cream and won’t even give us a tiny taste, not one.

We think we should have our own ice cream dishes. We don’t want those little tiny dishes Dad and Mom use. We want big ice cream dishes. We’re starving little dogs. Please tell our Mom and Dad to stop starving us and give us big dishes of ice cream. 

Thank you for your help.
Dasa and Ivan


  1. My little B is hooked on Billy + Margot ice cream, which is made specifically for dogs (I don't like giving her human food). No idea if you can buy it in the US, but if you do, I recommend it!

  2. Peggy, Eric, please stop starving Dasa and Ivan, and give them BIG dishes of ice cream! Or how about just an extra teaspoon of mom's fat-free?

    (There, Dasa and Ivan, how's that? Somehow I don't think my plea will make any difference at all, but I tried!)

  3. Mom lets us lick her yogurt cartons, and she eats lots of yogurt, so I guess that’s all we’re going to get for now. Ivan said we need to practice looking pathetic and hungry.
    Thank you for trying.