Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Available BRATs: Brutus, Eros, and bonded pair Simon & Sphinx

Name: Brutus
Dog state: Arizona
DOB: 12/1/2005
Gender: Male
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 41

For those of you that have yearned for a Basenji in a larger size, your wait is over! Brutus is not overweight -- he is just a really big, 41 pound boy described by his foster as calm, easy-going and endearing. This guy's early years were spent outside. After time in foster care indoors he says he much prefers living indoors with a dog door to go out when he wants or needs to. He will need adequate shade outdoors to keep his keratosis in check. He prefers to be indoors, with his people, and is very happy to curl up at your feet or to join you on the couch.

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Name: Eros
Dog state: California
DOB: 12/18/2003
Gender: Male
Color: Red and white
Weight: 33

Eros is a nine year old brindle boy with gorgeous, penetrating eyes. Eros' lifetime owner relocated abroad so he is looking for his new home. Eros is an exceptionally loyal boy who is ready to be loved and become part of a new family. He is very active and loves to explore the world. Eros will be an extraordinary companion for a basenji-savvy family who can appreciate his strong will. He is a great exercise companion. He hikes and runs well on leash; but he loves being off even more (in an enclosed space, of course)! On hikes he stays close at hand and returns with a whistle. At dog parks he checks back often and seems to really enjoy running with the other beasts.

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Name: Simon & Sphinx
Dog state: Florida
DOB: 1/10/2007 and 11/22/2006, respectively
Gender: Male (both)
Color: Tricolor (both)
Weight: 28, 24

Simon and Sphinx, while not littermates, are bonded "brothers." They have been together since they were puppies and must be placed together. They pine for each other if separated. If you are looking for two really sweet and handsome basenjis, this is the pair for you! Simon is more laid back and Sphinx is the curious lap dog—he will cuddle on the couch while Simon will stretch out on the floor nearby. The boys pull like a team of sled dogs, have a high prey drive and will go after small rodents. However, they have behaved like gentlemen in their foster home with the resident small dogs, and will continue to make good strides with training and reinforcement.

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If you're ready to adopt one or two Basenjis, or you're just looking to learn more about the breed, the main BRAT website, with frequently updated listings, has lots of information for you!

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