Friday, May 4, 2012

Ivan and Dasa Report on Helping Mom

Our mom is sort of a klutz. She’s not really all that coordinated, so we help whenever we can. We offer excellent assistance in the kitchen, but we’re especially helpful when she attempts gardening or yard work. We’re very helpful when she’s planting or digging in the dirt. I don’t know how she’d manage without us. Yesterday when she planted lavender we were so helpful we needed several treats and then a nap when we finished.

We walked through the plants and stood on the spot where she wanted to dig because that helped her to slow down and pay attention to us. We stood by and watched while she struggled to spread out the landscape fabric, only occasionally walking across the fabric, standing on it or sitting where she wanted to put it. Then we just knew she really wanted us to lie on the landscape fabric. The sun was warm, this was the perfect spot for us. Mom loves us; she’d want us to be comfortable, right?  We really are the best helpers.


  1. I love Dasa and Ivan's stories. Thank you. :D

  2. I'm glad you enjoy them. It's fun to write about Ivan & Dasa because they fill our lives with such joy.

  3. Ivan and Dasa are so clever - they read you like a book, anticipating your every thought and desire when it pertains to their welfare! Yes, they are the best helpers! :)