Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day.If you follow my blog, you know that normally I’m writing about the misadventures (and there are many!) of my dog, Guppy. This time however it’s not all about him. (Sorry Gup-don’t be jealous-just deal with it and when I’m done writing we’ll go back to the world revolving around you).

Recently I’ve been struck by the number of Basenjis that have passed. It seems like each time I log onto Facebook we’re sending our condolences to another “family” member.  This has inspired my imagination as to what the Rainbow Bridge must be like with all the Basenjis that are there.
No paper goes unshredded, (I guess Basenjis aren’t really very environmentally conscious even at the Rainbow Bridge). The sunshine spots are quite crowded (does the sun even set at the Bridge?) and of course, no counter goes unsurfed. (I guess the counters get restocked each time a human companion meets their B at the bridge).  There are plenty of toys to destuff and blankets and pillows to burrow in. I guess it’s as close to paradise as possible, considering the circumstances. 

Lou, Cricket, Kylie, and Benny-you are happy and healthy again! There is no Cushings, no fire and no Fanconi at the Bridge-I know you're in a great place. 

P.S. I chose this picture of The Rainbow Bridge National Monument because even though most Basenjis don't like water I'm sure there are some Basenji Swim Team members waiting at the Bridge.


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  1. Love it, Jacquie. :)

    I would expect there are lots of bunnies and squirrels to chase at the Rainbow Bridge, too, and the best thing is that they're just like those inextinguishable birthday candles - they don't die, they just keep coming back to be chased another day!