Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amazing BRAT News!

In January 2012, BRAT took in 12 dogs in horrible condition from someone in Indiana.  They required all sorts of medical/dental care.  It was an expensive venture.  I had partnered BRAT with the Petco Foundation several years ago, here in Michigan, and received several product grants to aid with our fosters (crates, food, shampoo).  It has been a blessing for sure.  So, in January I decided to try for a monetary grant. 

I applied on-line and told them about these dogs, the cost, and asked for $7000.00 to aid in their vetting and care while in BRAT foster care.  In March I received an email asking for more information, so I sent it in to them.  Well, I hadn't heard anything until a couple of weeks ago (just after Kaylee's pups were born).  They asked if our needs had changed and how they had changed.  So, I emailed the contact back with Kaylee's story and explained that BRAT had also taken in several other puppies around the US that needed major surgeries and that we still needed about $7000.00 to help with their expenses.  The next day I received another email stating that the Petco Foundation would be very excited to help BRAT, and that they would be sending us some money for the 12 Indiana dogs as well as some supplies for Kaylee's puppies.  Well, as you can imagine, I was TICKLED PINK!!! (to coin a phrase from my grandmother). 

Yesterday, I received a FEDEX envelope and 2 boxes from the Petco Foundation.  The boxes contained toys, toys, toys!  Some were a bit too big for the babies now, but they'll grow into them I'm sure.  There were also other items - treats, ear wash, nail trimmer, poop bags.  But, best of all was the envelope.  With my amazing husband, David, standing there just as excited as myself, I ripped open the envelope and found the check to BRAT for $4000.00!  WOW...I love my local Petco and the Petco Foundation is an amazing group! 

I wanted to share this not just because I was asked, but because even though I didn't really think that we had a chance of getting any financial support, we did! As I sit with a $4000 check to BRAT in front of me I know all of our efforts (yours and mine) do get noticed!  And the reward is so sweet! 

I encourage each and every one of you to think "outside the box".  It never hurts to ask for help.  Never give up and never quit!
~Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell

When your luck is down
And your world goes wrong
When life's all uphill
And the road is long -
Keep your spirits high
For through thick and thin
You must carry on
If you are to win -
Never mind if things
Hold you back a bit
You'll come out on top
But you mustn't quit.

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  1. Excellent news! When I buy items at Petco I always give a few $$ to the foundation.