Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

In recognition of Earth Day Guppy asked me to share some of his tips.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Reduce- A smaller stature (13”) allows for a smaller carbon footprint. Not as much water is used on the rare occasion that he needs a bath. When he does wear clothes, they are a mere size 4T as opposed to 4X that maybe a Russian Terrier (just sayin’) might need.   Also, because he is known for mischief-he is kept on a short (6’) leash.
Reuse- Collies, Shelties, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers BEWARE! He cannot be trusted around a dog with long hair. Though he’s never been to barber school, he enjoys pulling the hair of a long haired dog. Frequently I find him with a mouth full of hair at the dog parks. I’m always warning him that said dog DOES NOT need a haircut. Maybe he’s collecting the hair to restuff the toys that he has unstuffed.  
Recycle-Even before he came to stay with us for foster care Guppy  always was great at picking up trash on his walks.  So much so that his first foster parent had to carry a trash bag along with them to contain the trash Guppy picked up along the way. Recently Guppy hit the motherload, or so he thought. We live in a college town so frequently on our morning walks there are remnants of the night before. Most often we see empty bottles of beer or liquor but one morning he ran across a discarded bag of Taco Bell wrappers! It was stinky and gooey and just perfect for a junkyard dog like Gup. He carried it on our entire walk but was forced to surrender it to the trash when we arrived home. Some trash doesn’t make it home however and gets recycled into his gastro-intestinal system. Guppy’s way of being green!

Guppy, being a rescue,  is a product of recycling himself so maybe that’s why he’s so Green.


  1. Guppy and Ruby would have made a great pair! I have pics of Ruby walking home from our walks with a mouthful of trash. I had to be mighty quick to grab the goodies before she did! (Eeeew!)

    Love the Reduce Reuse Recycle Adopt logo!

  2. Thanks Chey! Normally he finds some wadded up piece of paper and carries it home. As a reward for not littering I let him shred it in the backyard-and then I have to pick it up so we really aren't littering!