Thursday, April 12, 2012

Appreciating spring

There is a saying in Louisiana that the four seasons are hunting season, fishing season, hurricane season and hot. But there is this brief period of a few weeks where the weather is absolutely beautiful: spring in Louisiana. There is much to be grateful for. Lots of beautiful blooms, cool weather and the ability to sit outside on the patio without hordes of insects annoying you.

This spring is particularly special for me. Roxy is still with me. We didn't expect her to make it through Christmas, but yet again, she has responded to an increase in heart medication, and she is almost like a spring puppy herself. She is prancing around and even sunning outside.

I am grateful for both the beautiful spring weather and the fact that Roxy is still here to enjoy it with me. I count these blessings by the day, because her time with me is limited--there's no changing the diagnosis. But while we have this time together, we'll sit on the patio and be grateful for a beautiful spring with Roxy.


  1. They are golden days, indeed; love them now, remember them forever. I wish you and Roxy a long, long spring.

    1. Enjoy every minute for they pass too quickly no matter how old they last til. I would give anything for 1 more minute with my Riley. Embrace!