Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Concept of Sharing

We try to teach Ivan and Dasa about helping little doggies who don’t have a home with comfy beds and a human mom and dad who dote on their every breath. I don’t tell them about donating dog food to the food pantry because they cannot comprehend the idea of food being for anyone but them.

However, when I cut polar fleece into blankie-sized pieces to send to shelters and rescue doggies, it was a nice opportunity to teach them about sharing. Ivan, secure in the knowledge that it really is all about him, saw me spread polar fleece out on the floor and knew immediately it was for him.
I persisted in measuring, cutting, and folding blankies to fill boxes for shelters. Poor little Ivan looked so bored because I was not being entertaining enough. He brought his ducky to keep him company while he was neglected, but Dasa was not allowed to sit on the polar fleece with him. I think the concept of sharing still needs some work.

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