Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blankie Trains

Ivan and Dasa already know they are royalty, which is why is seems natural for them to wander around with blankie trains when the weather is chilly. We have an abundance of dog blankets scattered around the house, most of them acquired from yard sales, although a few special ones were made for the Munchkins by talented aunts with a fondness for small dogs.

These blankets are distributed between the first and second floors, with a couple extra ones stored on the basement futon bed for good measure. The plan is for there to be a blankie within reach wherever a small dog might be napping. I rearrange the blankets as needed. When said small dogs stand up, usually to check on movements in the kitchen, the mantles stay on their backs like little horse blankets. Ivan’s will be anchored by his curly tail, often giving him the appearance of having a royal train. The blankets stay in place, trailing along behind the Munchkins, as long as they wander on the same floor, but the trains are usually lost during the procession between floors and we find them halfway up the stairs.

A recent visitor surveyed the stuffed animals and small blankets festooning the floor and furniture and said, “It looks like you have children.” I replied, “We do have children, small furry children with curly tails and four feet.”

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