Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Available BRATs: Riley, Benji, Olive

Name: Riley
Dog State: Illinois
Birthdate: 2008
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Weight: 18

Riley is one of the most pleasant females her foster has ever hosted. She is very cute, a real sweetie, and loves to snuggle in the evenings while the humans watch TV. She will allow herself to be cradled like a baby. Riley greets her humans with happy baroos upon return home.

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Name: Benji
Dog state: New Jersey
Birthdate: 12/5/2000
Gender: Male
Color: Black & white
Weight: 25

Benji is a well-adjusted basenji who came from a family where he was well-cared for. Benji is an attention-seeking magnet who is comfortable being handled all over, cuddled, and picked up. He is very tolerant of children of all ages. Basically, Benji lives to be loved and petted, and he’s wonderfully affectionate and trusting of humans.

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Name: Olive
Dog state: Virginia
Birthdate: 12/1/2010
Gender: Female
Color: Red & white
Weight: 16

Olive is a super cute and petite one year old who is all PUPPY! Her motto is why walk when you can BOUNCE! Life is just one big playground for her and everyone else is just here for her enjoyment.  She ensures there are never any dull moments when she is around and will keep you on your toes at all times. But when you are as cute and fun as she is, you can get away with that.
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If your 2012 resolution is to give a loving home to a Basenji in need, click HERE to get started!

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