Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small World

Happy Holidays from Cammie's Corner

Writer's block has gotten the best of me over the past few months as well as other things. Let's just say my humans were in a bit of a rut and somehow I ended up having two residences. Now things have calmed down and time will tell if I eventually have one residence with several doggie beds ;)

Anyway the holidays have approached and in southern Ohio the thermostat is moving up - brrrrr! Needless to say my humans and I have found out exactly how small the BRAT world is and it never ceases to amaze us.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was walking down my street. When suddenly appeared another set of humans chatting up a storm with one of mine. I never before had seen this pair. Oddly enough, they followed me home. They seemed to be very nice and friendly. They both were very happy to spend time with my pack. As I was listening, I heard several key words in the humans' conversations - BRAT, coordinators, convention, Chicago..... Need I say more, they were my kind of pack peeps!!! Here in southern Ohio there appeared more B-peeps. They were visiting family and seen me walking. Just what are the chances of meeting more B-peeps. Ones that helped bring the largest pack of B's and B-peeps together in the nation.

Then as the visit continues - they discover who I am. I'm Cammie of Cammie's Corner. Wow!!! I'm famous. They've read my blog!!! How excited my humans were not to mention me. I thought my foster brother, Benny, was famous by making the Indianapolis tv news. And on a side note, that famous foster brother of mine is now a big brother - his pack got a new little girl that is just absolutely adorable. It seems she got a rough start and Benny's forever home B-peeps stepped to the plate and adopted Tess. I'm sure all you B-peeps on Facebook have seen Tess - she's even more famous than Benny and I - she has her own fb page. You can follow Tess on the BRAT fb page and on her fb page - Tess.

Thus, this just goes to show you how really small the big world can be, especially the BRAT world! Speaking of Indianapolis - guess where the next convention is???

Oh let's not forget to give a big baaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrroooooooo to Nicole and Robert - here's hoping you had a safe trip back to the windy city.

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  1. It was wonderful meeting you too, Cammie! We did have a safe trip back.