Monday, December 26, 2011

Favorite Toys

Like all dogs, Guppy has favorite toys. Like most Basenjis, Guppy shows his affection for said toys but destroying them. One such toy I picked up at a discount store not realizing its future importance in our toy repertoire. Said toy happens to be a chicken wearing goggles and a cape. It is a “Hartz Stunt Pilot” and rather than squeaking it obnoxiously crows.
This toy crows when Guppy shakes it in his mouth or even better smacks it against anyone that’s sitting near. The toy crows and crows and crows and continues to crow. Obnoxiously crowing while whomever it’s being whipped up against is trying to take cover.
One day the “Stunt Pilot” lost its leg, then the other leg, then it lost its stuffing and the noisemaker was at one end of the house with a trail of stuffing leading to the carcass of what used to be the favorite toy. Cue the classic Queen song, Another One Bites the Dust.
I managed to salvage the noisemaker and stuffed it into the back of a stuffed animal I had bought at a thrift store. This stuffed animal was a pink frog that now crows. It thankfully lived at my parents house 3 hours across the state. When we moved away, we left the dog toys at my parents house, including the crowing pink frog.
Recently however, we got a care package from Grammy and what was in the package? That’s right! The crowing pink frog! Thanks Grammy-you made Guppy’s Christmas. 

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