Friday, December 30, 2011

Basenji featured in Dog Fancy Magazine

I finally remembered to pick up the January 2012 issue of Dog Fancy, in  which the Basenji is featured. The three-page article by Eve Adamson  begins:

Congo Leeza Rice isn't like other dogs. When Julie Jones finds her agile Basenji on the kitchen sink licking the dishes, she does what most dog owners would do: "Leeza, get down!" Most dogs caught in such an act would jump down and cower or run away and hide. "Leeza just looks at me as if to say, 'Hold on, I'm almost done here,' and goes right back to licking," says Jones, a Basenji breeder in Los Angeles.
There are four nice color photos, as well as a full-page one of three adorable B puppies. If I didn't already know and love this breed, I'd definitely want to meet a Basenji!

Also, there is a quarter-page, full-color BRAT ad (designed by Mark Ziegler) just a few pages away.  The dog in the ad is my Ruby, taken in her last year during a row boat ride up the Erie Canal. Mark Ziegler saw the pic on my Facebook page and thought it was perfect for the new BRAT motto, "Providing safe harbors and strong anchors for basenjis set adrift - since 1999."

The magazine will be off the newsstands soon, so hurry if you hope to buy a copy!

-Chey Miller

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