Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All the Best from Our Pack to Yours

December is an important month in our house -- not just for the holiday season but for the birthdays of our pack. Since my two arrived with very little information and direct from a shelter, I only know that Shaka turned six on December 13 and that Audrey turned four likely sometime in December. So we have made her birthday December 14 so that she has a day of her own and so we will have a tradition of two days of extra celebration and sharing of treats equally.
This has been a busy year in basenji land for my household. It was very, very sad to lose Bow at the end of March, but Shaka and Audrey arrive in early May as "fosters" and it soon became evident that a happy family was created the moment that entered the front door.
There have been quite a few "extreme" rescues (including them) in northern California this year with owners surrendering dogs because of evictions and new homes that did not allow pets, owner incarceration and owner death. It is a good reminder that we all need to have our "affairs in order" regardless of our age or personal situation. This weekend I dealt with a dear basenji boy whose owner died suddenly, and then the dog spent the past year shuttled from one home to another and developed severe separation anxiety in the process. It's all a reminder that we must think of the dogs if the worst possible scenario happened to any of us.
This has been a wonderful year to know more of the BRAT community and to meet so many in Chicago back in June. From our pack -- including Santa Shaka and his lovely elf assistant Audrey, we thank the many other volunteers in the community for making our journey together so rewarding.

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