Thursday, November 10, 2011

Roxy's heart

Roxy fainted again this morning. Third time this week. She was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and a few other fancy medical terms in June; the result of heartworm damage. She's been with me three years in December. She arrived grossly underweight and heartworm positive. The vet didn't think she'd survive the heartworm treatment, but she did.

She's old--we don't even know how old, but probably around 14 by now. I'm grateful that we have a first-class vet school here; she's actually being followed by a doggie cardiologist! She's on seven pills a day, and we just increased the dosage from five to seven two weeks ago. I should have gotten more time with this increased dosage. This is a progressive disease but it seems to be winning. The last visit, they told me it's eventually going to win.

Roxy's a fighter though. I saw her win her heartworm battle. She's not going down without giving it her all. She still tries to keep up with the boys (non-BRAT B and a mini doxie). Today, though, on her walk, it started to hit home. Roxy won't win this one.

I love her. I've only had her three years, and she has been such a blessing. So for as long as she can stay, my heart will love her until that last heartbeat.