Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colleges of our choice

Occasionally, it seems non-dog people worry about my state of mind, or even perhaps my lack of touch with reality. I’ve been questioned about our choice of vet—the 24 hour vet hospital, not the cheapest care giver around— although these people don’t seem to realize we make Sunday afternoon trips to the vet with one of the munchkins on a semi-regular basis. I flippantly replied that we’re spending the Munchkins’ college money. I go on to explain that our Munchkins, talented little geniuses that they are, could certainly get into Princeton (or on alternate occasions when I explain this, Brown). When asked why these schools, I explained that they’re very good schools in moderately-sized cities. I like the thought of the schools being in moderately-sized towns as opposed to large urban areas. Moderately-sized towns just seem like a more comfortable fit for the Munchkins. I know Dartmouth is also in a smaller town, but it’s so cold up there and the Munchkins don’t like the cold. I blithely prattled on, listing my preferences for colleges. My acquaintance watched me intently and finally said, “You do know they’re Dogs?”

ll technically yes, but they’re Basenjis.

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