Monday, November 7, 2011

BRAT at the St. Louis Pet Expo

The BRAT Volunteers
Pet Expos are loads of fun!  On October 30, Tonya and Walt Ahrens, Benji, Kelli and Madi Hartgrave, Debbi Johnson, and Bill and I participated in the St Louis Pet Expo.  Tonya and Walt brought one of their own basenjis and one foster. The Hartgraves brought their two fosters, and Bill and I brought our three basenjis.  No other purebred basenjis were spotted at the Expo; however, there was one possible b-mix in the adoption room. 

Liz discussing basenjis with a visitor
Our booth was visited by numerous individuals, and all of us answered many questions regarding breed traits.  All of the basenjis were wonderful ambassadors for the breed, and I must admit that after visiting with several individuals, there were just as many people who decided they were not cut out for life with basenjis as there were those who indicated a definite interest in adopting.

Benji Hartgrave with foster

Those who were interested in adopting had a chance to interact with the foster basenjis, who were super friendly.  We gave BRAT fliers and brochures to everyone who would take them. 

Foster basenjis: Coby, Jack, & Zozo

Having been advised to have small items to sell for $1.00 each, we had purchased finger puppets, glow necklaces, and silicone bracelets printed with "Adopt from" We gave away lollipops and pencils. Donna Troyna donated numerous basenji Christmas stockings and small stuffed dogs, which sold well. We also received several donations.

Cardinals fan poodle

Other Expo exhibitors included a groomer in the booth next to us whose standard poodle was in true Cardinal spirit, colorfully celebrating the St Louis Cardinals winning the World Series.  There were huge dogs and small dogs, many from other rescue groups and available for adoption during the Expo.

Smallest dog at the Expo

Tallest dog at the Expo

There were pets of numerous varieties-- one of the most popular was a huge tortoise who strolled the aisles all day. 

Tortoise at the Expo

There were venders selling anything and everything pet related.

Princess Kitty

The best thing about the entire event was spending time with wonderful volunteers who share our love of basenjis.  A good time was had by all!

Walt Ahrens with Ginger, his adopted basenji from the Wimauma (FL) pack

Peggy & Eric Pick, who came to visit us at the Expo!

- Liz Newton

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